Telescopic automatic door features

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Despite the fact, in 99% of doors, automatic sliding, and swinging are being applied.  درب اتوماتیک تلسکوپی is one of them. It has a bigger opening and it can move along a rail called a telescopic automatic door differs from an automatic sliding door in that it has a larger opening.



  • A telescopic automatic door opens and closes by itself. It differs from an درب اتوماتیک in that a telescopic door has a larger opening. Both doors can be opened by the push of a button for persons with mobility issues, or for convenience.


  • A telescopic automated door is electric, but the word ‘telescopic' is the key ingredient here. A ‘telescopic' rail moves from one side of the opening to the other which makes an automatic sliding door inadequate for most businesses.


  • A sliding door opens outward, but you may want to change the direction. The automatic door slides sideways whether that side is right or right. The door on a garage has the ability to go both ways, to open and close automatically.


A telescopic automatic door features a larger opening which allows more air to circulate. Without the risk of rain or snow entering the room it can be beneficial in climates that have cold winters. These doors come in various sizes and can accommodate large openings with ease.


The name 'telescopic automatic door' is derived from the door's moving parts which are called extendable panels. These extendable panels slide within a groove type guide that is located on a track. The opening and closing of these doors can be controlled by a variety of different methods depending on the model, ranging from online remote control to an alarm system. These doors are used in many places including buildings, cafes and even cars.

Early automatic doors were simple and mechanical in nature. But modern technologies have taken this to a whole new level.


So, you've just purchased a new property and need an automatic door that fits into your budget. You've probably asked yourself the question — can I use a semi-telescopic or fully telescopic model?


Besides the obvious storage and safety benefits, telescopic automatic door systems can also allow for easier access, increased traffic flow and more space to work with during construction.


Have you ever had to install a new automatic door? Whether it's due to vandalism or just something with your existing door that can't be fixed, you'll know how frustrating it can be. However, with the right solution, such as semi-telescopic and fully telescopic door options, this will become a thing of the past.


If you’re a business owner and have at least one door system in place, it's likely that you've thought about the best way to handle incoming traffic. Maybe there are old doors that should be replaced or one door doesn't work properly. Either way, you'll need to decide whether they should be replaced with more expensive semi-telescopic doors made of stainless steel or cheaper telescopic doors made of plastic – both are viable options no matter your budget.


Before you buy this kind of door for your home, it is important to consider the functionality and price. Here are some factors to take into consideration when getting such a door:


Do you know the kinds of different automatic door features?


The automatic door is a kind of intelligent equipment, which is mainly composed of three parts: motor, controller, doorplate. It is widely used in residential and industrial buildings.


The automatic electric garage door door system has a rugged structure and safety performance, a wide range of choice, the new product than ever.


Automatic door is a door which falls down automatically when no one is in the doorway. It often used in restroom, lane, private place and hall of building. They are convenient to use because people can walk into or out from the doorway easily and independently.


The automatic door system is an energy-saving, convenient, safe and reliable access control device, and it has become a representative equipment and access control devices in modern large buildings. Automatic doors and automatic gates have many small families, large diameter automatic doors, special-purpose half-height automatic doors are of great variety. We can see them day after day under the sunshine in local streets, supermarkets, underground stations...


Automatic door widely used in supermarket and warehouse, and also applicable to residential, office building, stadium and public transportation. Door open automatically and quickly, save a lot of people's time.


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